Slow Torture

High Priest Thekal is very slowly torturing me. Once every three days he has his fun with me, leaving me dejected, tired, and frustrated. For over eight months he has kept up this routine. Why do I keep giving him the opportunity?Ā  Well, ever since the first time I saw the Swift Zulian Tiger, I wanted one. The only thing that has ever tempted me to play Alliance was the opportunity for every one of my characters to have a beautiful, graceful cat to ride (well and, the chance to see the lore from the opposite side).

I never became serious about obtaining one until I found my true class: the rogue.Ā  Ever since I hit level 80 on him I’ve been there almost every three days (vacations intercepted a few opportunities) to check. And I’ll go back every three days for as long as it takes until that beautiful orange cat is finally mine.

What about you? Is there any single thing in game that you continually put yourself through torture in order to obtain? How long have you been at it?


One Response to “Slow Torture”

  1. I’m not sure about putting myself through torture for anything as I enjoy most things in wow šŸ˜› Well, I’m currently doing the wintersaber trainers reputation grind yet again for the purpose of my blog and my alt.

    That’s pretty painful the second time around šŸ˜›

    On a side note, Go Rogues! šŸ˜›

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