About the Author

I play a Forsaken Rogue on Staghelm named Korzik.

I started playing WoW mid Febuary 2008.  I bought the game after listening to a couple friends talk about it. The night I bought it was a after a very boring night out. I started with a trial account and a Tauren Hunter. That lasted about one hour before I upgraded my account to a full version. My first toon to reach level 70 (the level cap at the time) was a female Blood Elf Hunter. She (later to be He) was my main until patch 3.2 when I changed guilds and moved to my new level 80 Undead Rogue.

I’ve been an officer in two raiding guilds and the raid leader of casual guild in TBC.

Due to an unusual work schedule I cannot raid as much as I used to and have become somewhat of an altoholic. I currently have 5 level 80s. My main raids when I can get an invite and, I also do a lot of battlegrounds on him and, I am working on the Battlemaster title. On all of my characters I strive to be an exceptional player and, for the most part I believe I am achieving that goal. I also enjoy the gold making part of the game.  I have a wonderful girlfriend that I met through the game and, who is also a great player.  A lot of my time in game is spent with her. (She is also an English Major and is gracious enough to be the volunteer editor of this blog; so a BIG thanks goes to her for making this site possible)

My gaming history started with text based adventure games on some of the first computers. Later I got a Nintendo and kept that for several years. I’ve played a lot of FPS (First Person Shooter) games and, some console games over the years. World of Warcraft is my first MMO.

This blog will be an outlet for my thoughts and opinions about this wonderful game we all enjoy. Many of posts will be very opinionated and, may sound somewhat elitist. I am a very confident player and sometimes I can let that slip into sounding more cocky than anything. I always try to view issues from all sides and, break things down to the why and, how of issues.

An odd quirk I have is that each of my characters have their own personality and, desires. This is not something I actively develop. It just kind of shows up so; I will often refer to my toons as individuals.


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