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Home Sweet Home

Posted in General with tags , on August 24, 2010 by Korzik

If you follow me on Twitter you know that during the past couple of months I have been in the process of buying a home, which has been the main contributor to my absence from the blog. And while it takes time and energy to find the right home in the real world, it also takes effort and consideration when thinking about your home in game: your guild.

With Cataclysm approaching and some major changes coming to how one approaches the game, now is the time to think about what type of guild best fits you. Whether you want to raid 25 mans, 10 mans, or do high ranked rated BGs, each of these will likely require a different type of guild. While it is possible to have a secondary group of 10 man raiders in a 25 man raiding guild, it won’t be common and will feel more like a guild within a guild. The same is true of raiders participating in rated BGs. Raiding guilds can and will most likely do them, but without attention focused on truly succeeding, they will not do nearly as well as a battleground focused guild. There are obviously exceptions to this, however. For example, many of the best players in the world who are in the top 20 guilds are also repeat gladiators.

How to find the right guild is the tricky part. On each server there will be several guilds of each type. Here are a few tips that will help you find the right guild for you.

  • Visit their website – Take a look around and read all the threads you have access to. Forums and websites can give a lot of insight on what type of overall attitude and humor a guild has.
  • Talk to the management – Ask them what is expected of members, what activities they plan to do in the expansion and how things will be run.
  • Talk to members – Get a feel for how members feel about the guild. Ask how much turnover the guild has had historically. Ask how issues are handled and how management handles things like mistakes and under performance.
  • Talk to previous members – Find out why they left. This is one of your few chances to hear the downside of your prospective new guild. Just remember to take what they say with a grain of salt and don’t take it all to heart. Their information may be false or skewed to make them look better.
  • Try to get an alt in – This is both the most difficult to achieve and possibly viewed as slightly underhanded. It could also be the best the thing you do. You’ll be able to experience first hand what the guild chat is like, what times the guild is most active and whether or not they match your own play times. It is exactly what it seems: a chance to spend some time in the guild without committing yourself to it. If you are okay with frequent guild hopping go ahead and disregard this tip. However, if you are like me and tend to pick a guild and stick with it this could be invaluable to finding the right guild for you.

Now is definitely the time to make a guild change. Even if you are happy in your current guild be sure to ask what the guild’s plans are for Cataclysm. Guilds will become much more focused their primary goal in game and finding a guild that matches your own will go a long way to making your in game experience as enjoyable as possible. The next most important step in finding your new guild home is making sure you enjoy the people in it. For, even if you love the people, if you aren’t included for whatever reason, you will not be as happy as you could be. And remember that just because you leave a guild of friends, that doesn’t mean those friendships are over. After all, that is what the friends list and RealID are for.